Window being cleaned
As an owner or manager of a multi-tenant facility, it is important to find a janitorial services partner that is responsive to your commercial building cleaning needs and enhances the value of your property. Since 1996, VBM has delivered high-quality, customized commercial buildings cleaning services. VBM's expertise in handling the janitorial cleaning needs of the multi-tenant facilities including day-to-day cleaning, handling diverse tenant needs, adjusting for vacancy credits, and supplying and managing supplies. VBM gives you the confidence that the services meet your expectations.
You Benefit From
  • Customized cleaning schedule to suit your hours
  • Professionally trained commercial cleaning staff 
  • Routine services availability for maintaining common areas, bathrooms,  floors and supplies
  • Special Services such as carpet cleaning, flooring waxing and polishing, powerwashing, special cleaning and UV Disinfection, painting and repair,  etc.